What Age is a Race Car Bed For?

Our race car beds are specifically designed for children, ages, 3 to 13. They're designed with love and care and come with features like working headlights and sound effects. Whether your child is a budding race car driver or just loves cars in general, a race car bed is a great choice for their bedroom.

Designed for Children, Inspired by Racing

First and foremost, our beds are designed with safety, comfort, and durability in mind. It's also important to note that while there is hard and fast rule as to what age range a race car bed is suitable for as each child is different, we recommend children aged, 3-13.  Please measure and confirm the size and weight of your child before making your purchase.

Additionally, for children at this age, the appeal of innovative cars and racing makes having a race car bed fun and wonderful.  The playful design of our beds can inspire and expand their imaginations. The innovative look, style and color of our race car beds can transform a child's bedroom into a race themed inspired raceway.  The possibilities for transforming a child's bedroom are endless!  With various styles, themes and designs available, our beds can inspire and encourage your child's imagination for years to come!

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